Watermark University: Piano 101

It is impossible to count the number of times piano teachers have heard, “I wish I had learned Piano as a child.” Adults assume that if they did not learn piano as a child, then it is simply too late. Yet not only are adult piano lessons more often than not extremely rewarding, but adults have a number of advantages in learning piano compared to children. It is never too late to learn music! If you are a resident wishing to commence or resume piano playing, the Community Life team encourage you to discover your true musicality. Watermark University offers private piano lessons taught by Jennifer Wood every other Tuesday at 6:30pm. This may be your path to musical fulfillment.

Pictured on right is first-time piano player Pearl Loeterman learning how to play Frank Sinatra’s, “Smile.” Pearls advice to residents looking to learn how to play piano is, “to take the first step. Simply take the first step in the direction of your new dream. Do instead of plan. Today – yes, even during the holidays! Print that score. Then place it on your piano. Then decipher the first line. And then tomorrow take another tiny step. And the next day do the same. And when you look back after one week, you will be amazed to see how much you have accomplished!”

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