Watermark University Class: “MEXploration”

Imagine yourself at a Hispanic party. It can be a birthday party, a Christmas party, a wedding, or even at The Watermark!

A piñata is defined as a play thing that’s essentially made like a container with materials like cardboard or papier mache. Originally Indigenous people used clay to make it.

Today, piñatas are filled with toys, candy, trinkets, or jewelry. What makes it so fun to have a piñata at a party or festival? It’s fun because it is suspended from a high place and partygoers are blindfolded as they try to hit the piñata with sticks trying to break it open. In many Hispanic American homes people hang them from trees in the backyard or nogal like Hispanics refer to it.

One resident commented after the event, “There’s lots of food, people mingling and enjoying the entertainment and revelries. Suddenly, a piñata is revealed and the excitement and thrill amongst the partygoers heightens. You find yourself giddy with anticipation for the goodies in the piñata… Who’s going to be chosen to break the piñata and how quickly can that person break the Mexican piñata open?”


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