Watermark University Class: Judaism and Classical Music – Jewish and Non-Jewish Composers on Three Continents

Are you fascinated by the dynamic relationship between Judaism and the wider world? Particularly, how individuals have simultaneously defined themselves as Jews, as citizens of their nations, and as members of the global community? Well, if you are, then we have a course for you!

In this new class, Dr. Grayson will explore topics including but not limited to: Italian and English Baroque, French grand opera in the 19th century, Germany and Austria in the 19th century, the life and career in relation to Moses Mendelssoh, modernism, atonality, serialism, global significance of serialism in late 20th century, Jewish attitudes towards synagogue music, Christian musical influence, mainstream tradition, harmonic procedures: “blues” scales, deep background harmonic progression, and Schoenberg’s multifaceted and deeply personal engagement with Judaism.

Consequently, the class will delve into the importance of the classical music scene to the creation of a national image and the forging of common culture out of diverse Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Mizrachi elements, and much more.


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