Watermark University: Basic Orchid Care

Orchid lovers and growers are from all walks of life, with different occupations, but all share a passion for orchids. Once you get it, you are hooked. Orchids bring peace, love, and happiness to your life; they bring a way to escape from the stresses of everyday living. Whether you grow them on your windowsill, your balcony, or in a greenhouse, you are a part of the wonderful orchid community.

If you were lucky enough to attend Betty’s Watermark University class Basic Orchid Care, you would have the information you need on all aspects of orchids, and how to care for your orchids and get them to bloom to their best. Resident Dorothy P. commented, “I was fascinated to learn that people use orchids for numerous purposes. Substances isolated from orchids are used in several industries including perfumes, spices and in traditional Asian medicine.” Residents who are interested in orchid plants can best appreciate and care for them by educating themselves on their history and needs. It is safe to say that Basic Orchid Care with Betty and Bart is great place to start!

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