Watermark Spotlight: Chef Israel Tan

The Watermark features several of the best chefs who produce the most delicious and visually appealing food around. Today we highlight one of them – Israel Tan! For all whose hearts and minds are most often ruled by your stomachs, a delightful and hearty meal can illuminate the dreariest of days. This is how one of our finest in the kitchen, Israel Tan, looks at his food creations. Chefs are the artists behind great food that speaks to your emotions, and they undoubtedly rule the culinary world. “I want to be one of the world’s famous chefs who leave a lasting culinary memory,” says Israel. “I envision myself in a famous restaurant where you’ll be seated chatting with friends and before you know it, you’re welcomed by a plate of flavor.” That’s how attentive Israel is, quickly but carefully composing dozens of individually appealing plates. He not only cooks well, but is very creative with all of his dishes – he plays with a variety of flavors, ingredients and colors that not only pleases our stomachs but our eyes as well.

Israel is the proud father of an 18-year-old daughter, Pamela, who resides in his home country of the Philippines. Fun fact about Israel – on his leisure days you will find him in a fierce Brazilian Jiu Jitsu workout under the tutelage of Chris Lisciandro. Israel holds a third degree brown belt in Jiu Jitsu!

Included below are examples of the fabulous dishes that Israel and his fellow chefs often work together on to the delight of the distinguished palates here at The Watermark!

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