Revisiting 1950’s America

Residents revisited the 50’s this past month from a political, cultural, artistic, and musical perspective. We discussed the history of what took place during the 50’s, and what residents were doing at that time. Many were starting families (baby boom), getting promoted in businesses (economic boom), moving to the booming suburbs, and living through changing times, from the beginning of the Cold War and crusade against communism, the nascent Civil Rights movement, and their own joys and trials. We talked about the music that most enjoyed in the 50’s – from Jazz to Standards such as Ella Fitzgerald to Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Junior. Other 50’s classes on art and culture continued the theme. Residents shared fond memories about the Abstract Expressionist art movement taking place, hugely popular in some states like New York and California, where they and their significant others would amble in and out of the galleries along the streets – one of them La Cienega Boulevard – in the evenings with a glass of wine, enjoying culture. To round off the theme, after our 50’s Diner themed dinner, residents and staff performed a 50’s murder mystery play. They worked together throughout the month to practice, and did themselves proud! The exciting evening performance was a hit comedy for an audience comprised of family, staff and fellow friends. The best part of all, however, was the 50’s photo contest! We had residents bring down a photo of themselves from the 50’s (some featured below), and then we tried to match them to current residents. Everyone had a great time showing off themselves in the past, and overall had a great month of reminiscence.

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