Overall this was a very nice facility. We found the rooms to be spacious and nicely appointed. The staff was very attentive and went out of their way on numerous occasions to make my family feel welcome and to meet our needs. The housekeeping staff does a very good job and our relatives room was always clean and smelled fresh. The food was a high quality and the choices were varied. We dined with our relative many times for lunch and were always happy with the meals. I felt like the activities were on the lean side. They did offer some but that they could have been a bit more varied. Most are focused on medical seminars and the like. The exercise classes were fun for my family member and she also loved getting her hair done at the beauty salon each week. It really gave her a boost. I think this is a top notch facility that seems to do a good job making life comfortable and nice for it’s residents.

Review by E.Marsch

I liked The Watermark at Beverly Hills. They had a lot of lectures and activities that keep you interested. The food was very good. They accept pets. Generally, it seemed like a very good arrangement.

Review by Arnold844337

BridgePoint was most definitely one of the most beautiful facilities that I have ever visited. It was very close to UCLA, and in a very safe and upper-class neighborhood in Beverly Hills.

The outside of the building had very beautiful landscaping that could be enjoyed from the client room’s balcony. Also the staff members were very professional and friendly here – my client mentioned that all 3 times that I have visited him at this location.

I would highly recommend this facility to anyone in the Beverly Hills / LA area.

Review by Michael F.

The rooms were clean and well kept. The bathroom was very clean and nice. The staff was very friendly and seemed to actually care about my concerns. The staff quickly addressed all of the issues that I have had and all were resolved in a reasonable amount of time. I enjoyed my time there very much and I want to visit there in the near future sometime soon. When I walked in I was immediately greeted and recognized by the staff. The beds were well kept and felt very soft, I also noticed the mattress of the bed was new along with the sheets and pillows, the bedding did feel very very comfortable. I was pleased with my visit and felt the property was well maintained. I really do miss that place because it was so clean and the staff was so nice.

Review by AntonioDowns

The Watermark looked very clean and very professional. I think they would have worked just fine for my mother-in-law. The staff seemed fine. The rooms were clean. We didn’t get to taste the food, but the dining room looked good and kind of elegant. It’s close to where we live.

Review by Dan22
Senior_advisor Social Media Icon

The Watermark is a wonderful place overall.The facility itself is fantastic! It is always very clean, and has a warm, comfortable atmosphere. It’s tastefully decorate, but not overly grandiose. One thing that really struck me is that it is actually a very fun place to visit, it doesn’t feel like your typical “senior community” at all!

Unfortunately, there were some glitches with the move in experience and my friend did not initially receive the level of care we expected in helping her acclimate to the new environment. However, I think now that things have settled down the experience will improve immensely. I recently met the new director and program director and they were both warm, friendly, and professional individuals and I’m very encouraged by the way they responded to my concerns and have followed through to turn things around.

Review by Anonymous
Senior_advisor Social Media Icon

Patricia and her staff are the best!

Review by Bob
Senior_advisor Social Media Icon

’boutique’, small , similar to Belmont, high profile people, intimate, good hall lighting

Review by A Place For Mom Customer
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A very friendly staff, very cozy atmosphere, pleasant guests who speak highly of their satisfaction. Good food. Neighborhood nice, but with few shops nearby.

Review by Anonymous
Senior_advisor Social Media Icon

Very nice, clean and well attended. Rooms incredibly small and very pricey. Great location.

Review by A Place For Mom Customer
Senior_advisor Social Media Icon

Though The Watermark was fairly small, the staff and residents are very nice and the food is good. It reminded me of a boutique hotel, and was more cozy in its size than cramped. I do wish that there was more to do around the area though; there isn’t much opportunity to shop nearby. That may not be important to you though; I would suggest visiting and seeing for yourself if it, and the surrounding areas, are a good fit for you.

Review by Gladys
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This is an incredibly well-run assisted living home. The entire staff is capable and compassionate, and they create a wonderful environment for their residents and for guests.

Review by Phyllis Bersch
Senior_advisor Social Media Icon

They did a great job with everything at The Watermark at Beverly Hills. We were only there for a short while, but all of the staff workers were extremely friendly and very helpful with all of our needs.

Review by Beverly Hills, CA Visitor
Senior_advisor Social Media Icon

I was a prior resident at The Watermark Beverly Hills, and am currently on the waiting list, with that being said I have had a wonderful experience here. I like it very much, they are very, very nice to me. Everything I ask for is always available. It is not at all like a senior home its a very unique atmosphere and community.

Review by Beverly Hills, CA Resident

I currently teach one of the classes at the Watermark. I am very impressed with the diverse quality of the programming and the excitement of the residents to pursue new hobbies. The residents are always smiling and excited about being at the Watermark. I would highly recommend the Watermark at Beverly Hills.

Review by Cindy E.

As a placement specialist, my clients often want to know what’s the best place?  Naturally, It depends on location, budget, and care needs.  What makes Watermark so special is their location, their residents, their programming and of course their staff.  When I call Annie Vardi (Sales Director) to schedule tours for my families, I find her so easy and wonderful to work with.  Annie is accessible, reliable and fun.  A great combination to go with a great place.

Review by Andrea D.

I am a vendor for the Watermark of Beverly Hills. It is a pleasure working with such an incredible staff. They are helpful, caring, friendly, and always smiling. Annie Vardi, the Director of Sales, is a pleasure to work with, as she is so organized and professional. She listens to the residents and makes sure all of their needs are met. She is very creative and has so many great ideas to enhance the daily activities, that it  makes being there fun! The home is clean, beautiful, and has an upbeat environment, where the residents seem very comfortable. It is a joy working with the residents as well. I would highly recommend the Watermark and will keep it in mind when the time is necessary for my own family.

Review by Brandi B.

I was referred to this facility by a family friend who had recently placed a family member in this community. My family friend had nothing but amazing things to say about this community, the staff, and the individuals who reside there! I had been looking for a place to move my mother into and Watermark Beverly Hills was the perfect fit. First off, Marissa (sales director) was absolutely reliable, accommodating, and personable! She made it so that my mother’s move in was as easy as possible, and I am eternally grateful for that! In addition, each director of the facility personally came to my mother’s room to greet her and welcome her to the community, which I thought was pretty unique (I have never seen that treatment in another facility). The staff at Watermark have been the most caring and attentive I have yet to see in an assisted living facility. Walking into the facility, you immediately feel a joyous energy due to the staff consistently being energetic and positive at all times during their shifts (working with smiles on their faces)! The community itself is extremely exclusive and thrives on providing high end care for each and every one of their residents. All I have to say is that I am extremely lucky and blessed to have found this place! If you are looking to put your family member in a facility that truly will treat them like family, choose Watermark Beverly Hills!!!!

Review by Rita M.

I hear many good things about the watermark. Monica is a great leader that has improved the care over the last several months. I am happy my grandmother is in a place that she feels comfortable in and most importantly loved by all the staff. My grandmother is kept busy throughout the day and always has company. The residents are a fun time to be around!

Review by Clarice J.

I am Beverly Hills native and someone who has worked with seniors for over 6 years. I started off as a sales director at a local retirement community and transitioned into senior placement and real estate. In the past 6 years, I have never come across anyone as professional, yet caring and devoted to seniors as Marissa Rossetti. I am grateful for all her help in transitioning not only family friends, but new clients who rely on me to chose the best community suited for their specific needs. Marissa shares my belief in the importance of introducing prospective residents to current residents, so they can hear first hand and share experiences. She went above and beyond by organizing a dinner for my clients and other residents who currently live at Watermark. I am very grateful for Marissa and feel confident knowing my clients are in good hands. Thank you, Marissa. I pass the torch with ease, knowing those I care for will be in wonderful hands.

Review by Jennifer S.

A close relative of mine lives at the Watermark. She has nothing but good things to say about the staff and the service. The nursing staff is caring, and the activities are plentiful and engaging. She has come out of her shell ever since she has moved in. Made a ton of new friends, and has been constantly encouraged to take on new hobbies. I highly recommend the Watermark.

Review by Laura M.

As a senior housing consultant for almost 20 years, my company has had the great pleasure of working with Watermark of Beverly Hills since its inception. It is an  exceptional community and is on my “personal list” of where I would happily move into when that time in my life comes along. Everything about it is special. It is in a prime location of Los Angeles, immediately adjacent to Beverly Hills. It is a beautiful neighborhood with much to offer, including excellent walking opportunities. This community is elegant, yet warm and comfortable. The clientele is gracious, sophisticated, very friendly and welcoming. Activities and extracurricular activities are abundant and then, there is Watermark University, in-house education taught by residents or family members with professional experience in specialized fields.

While all of the above is extremely important and goes the distance to making the fortunate resident feel pampered, it is always the staff, the team that makes the difference. Here, most especially, Watermark doesn’t disappoint. Each person fulfills their part with expertise, compassion and genuine caring.

In our role, we work mostly with Annie Vardi, Director of Sales. I have had the most positive experience of knowing Annie and working with her for several years. Annie is the first person our clients meet and we can send them with the full confidence that their experience during their visit will be one of gracious and genuine welcome. The beauty of Annie is her sincere caring and compassion for the seniors who walk through their door and on the other side of the equation, Annie is extremely responsive to the referral resources as well, an excellent and considerate communicator, knowing full well that maximum success comes from the respect and responsiveness of all involved. Annie is that team player, the one who pulls it all together, the one who is committed to one and all.

In closing, Watermark is a beautiful, but inanimate building. It is the team and the people who live there who give it heart and bring it to life.

Review by Susan P.

This is a very nice Assisted Living community. It is bright and clean – the staff are very friendly and there is always multiple activities going on. My dad has a nice apartment on a quiet street. This place is a beautiful apartment building on a quiet residential street. The Wellness Director (Denise) in particular really has been impressive and responsive to providing quality care to not only my dad, but all the residents as I often witness when I visit my dad. There are many staff who have gone above and beyond in caring for my dad and just plain been very nice… It is a hard transition to make but The Watermark has been the best decision for us. I can sleep at night.

Review by Andrea W.
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