One Volunteer’s Never-Ending Commitment to SCCC

After 40 years of serving as a volunteer paraprofessional counselor for SCCC, Watermark resident Claire Becker considers the Counseling Center her second home. That is why, when it came to planning her legacy gifts, she elected to include SCCC. She sees this as the best way to help ensure that affordable mental health services remain available for those in need.

Born and raised in Manhattan, Claire married her sweetheart Dick Becker in 1947, and from that point on lived for adventure. Just a few short months after getting married, the couple moved across the country to Los Angeles to build a new life together out West. Thanks to the success of Dick’s business, they traveled extensively, making friends everywhere they went—China, Japan, France, Italy, Peru. After completing a master’s degree in dance therapy at UCLA in 1976, Claire met SCCC stalwart Goldie Ivner, who told her about the work of the Counseling Center. Feeling a call to help people to be more expressive, Claire applied to become a counselor. Her own difficult childhood inspired her to connect with people in emotional pain, doing what she can to help them find comfort, safety and healing. “At SCCC, I have made some of my most important friends, learned about myself, and helped others learn about themselves,” she says. Through an estate gift, Claire sees an invaluable way to maintain her legacy of service and healing.

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