Magical Realism in Cinema Rooftop Screening

To celebrate the end of Sara’s Watermark University class, Magical Realism in Cinema, we took the screening to the Watermark Rooftop where the film was played on a giant inflatable theater system. Watching the movie under the stars put us in the proper place to absorb the film’s imagery, its secrets and especially, to be entertained by “The Grand Budapest’s” very accommodating staff.

In order to truly savor the “Grand” experience, the night began with a pre-party. Residents were able to get situated in their seats, fill up their popcorn bags, and grab drinks while socializing with one another. One resident stated how excited she was to see the movie. The resident was already familiar with Wes Anderson’s superb eye for visual storytelling.

After Sara presented the underlying elements of the film’s Magical Realism appeal, residents were able to more fully understand how and why Anderson was so precise in his choices. In fact, we had to resist the temptation to keep freezing the frame so that we would not miss a bit of what he’s so cleverly embedded. It is safe to say that ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ is most magical on the big screen.


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