“Through the Looking Glass” at the Kirk Douglas Theatre

Through the Looking Glass seeks to foster a dialogue between the communities of Montebello and Leimert Park by creating a play inspired by individual residents’ autobiographies—written not by themselves but by their counterparts in the other community.

For months, playwright and poet Jerry Quickley hosted workshops with groups of residents of Montebello and Leimert Park, encouraging them to learn and write about themselves, their neighborhoods, and one another.

“Through the Looking Glass is an arts-focused, prescriptive community engagement, designed as a vessel to hold a pool of community memories, reflections, and hopes, all of which are executed through an iterative multi-site theatre-making program,” said Quickley. Resident Sharon A. stated more simply, the goals of the process were to allow “communities to dream together and to feel together, especially in places where there may be a distressed connection between the communities or where there has been no connection.”

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