Introduction to Chinese Culture: Food, Mahjong, Fashion and Medicine with Allison

Qian Wang, also known as Allison, is the Community Life and Marketing intern at The Watermark at Beverly Hills. She is a currently working towards her Master of Science in Gerontology at USC, and she has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from UCSD. She grew up in Guangzhou, China and came to California after she graduated from Zhixin High School. She speaks three languages fluently: Mandarin, Cantonese and English; and studied Japanese at the University for 1.5 years.

Due to her education and upbringing she loves learning about and sharing her country’s history and culture – that of ancient China. In her spare time she enjoys watching and participating in a variety of sports.

She is currently teaching a series of Chinese culture classes here at The Watermark at Beverly Hills. She has been enjoying her internship at The Watermark and she hopes to make valuable contributions to the global health industry.

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