Get Ready For…Take-Off!

Originally founded in 1974 by Donald Douglas Jr. as the Douglas Museum and Library located on the South side of the Santa Monica Airport, the Museum migrated to the North side of the Airport and reopened as the Museum of Flying in April 1989.

The Museum gradually grew to a collection of over 50 vintage aircraft, many of which were built in Southern California and are still in flight-ready condition.​

The museum features nearly two dozen aircraft chronicling flight from its beginning with a replica Wright Flyer, all the way to the jet age, with the BD-5 micro jet and the FedEx Boeing 727 nose section. The Museum also features a broad collection of aviation art, rare artifacts, and ephemera from famous aviators, as well as an extensive collection of photographs of historic aircraft and aircraft manufacturing.

Resident Marc H. commented, “I enjoyed the FS 3000 simulator which offers 360 degrees of full range motion with surround sound and HD 3-D capabilities.” He added, “…this is the only simulator of its kind in the Los Angeles area.”

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