Baking Dog Treats for the Local Animal Shelter

In the spirit of giving back, Watermark residents got together to make Homemade Dog Biscuits.

We skipped the store-bought dog treats and went with a  homemade, healthy, yummy Martha Stewart inspired dog treat. Resident Joan was surprised to find out that “with just a few key ingredients, you can make homemade dog treats right in your kitchen.” From the animal shelter we learned that the strong aroma of peanut butter has the ability to mask other flavors. So if you’re looking to get more veggies into your dogs diet, then we had to choose a recipe that combined the two.

While the treats were baking, resident Diane M. noted that “your dog won’t be able to resist chowing down on these treats…once you get in the kitchen and start baking you’ll see there is no limit to your imagination”

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