Artist’s Showcase – Diane Manning Presents: “Tomorrow is Promised to No One”

This month at The Watermark, resident artist Diane Manning held her art show, showcasing over 20 years worth of her work. The show was a huge success; attendees loved the eclectic and diverse pieces that Diane exhibited, ranging from the abstract to the real. Everyone was blown away by her collection of sketches that featured the homeless population of Santa Monica, CA. Diane used to volunteer in a kitchen that served the homeless, and she drew their portraits based off of sheer memory!

The Community Life Department worked with Diane for weeks in preparation for the show, helping her pick up some art from her old home, coordinating details of the floor plan, creating promotional materials, and working with the Dining Staff to arrange for hors d’oeuvres and refreshments.

Diane couldn’t be happier with the way everything turned out! Friends and family were able to visit, as well as all of her friends here at The Watermark. Below is the beautiful message that she shared with us about her artistic philosophy:

“As humans we tend to think in terms of the concrete, what we can see and touch and is therefore real. My paintings are about the reality that is constantly reflected in the environment around us. Gestures, facial expressions, a flash of color, glimpses into others’ lives. The visual and sound fragments that continue to haunt us through the years of our lives. My paintings represent the exploration of those elements of existence that compose our memory banks. I believe that we humans want to understand our lived existence, the way we are here, now; to unravel the gift of life.”

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