Art Therapy in Crafters Cove

For some, art is a vocation and for others, a hobby. But regardless of a person’s motivation for creating artwork, there is one aspect of art which you might not have considered: creating art has a therapeutic benefit. It has long been known that for people of every age, the act of creation is life-enhancing and nourishing for the spirit. Now we know that the benefits go beyond the spiritual: recent studies have demonstrated that even when all the other variables are the same, older adults who participate in art programs have fewer doctor visits and lower healthcare costs, use less medication and experience a lower rate of depression. It’s never too late to pick up a paintbrush, dabble in decoupage, make birthday and thank you cards, work with your grandchildren on computer art… the sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity (from

Come join us for our creative outlet, Crafters Cove every Monday at 2:15pm in the MPR.

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