Art Exposed: How to Recognize Great Artists

This course is designed to give residents the opportunity to discover, appreciate, and acquire knowledge of art history through the ages, from the Paleolithic era to contemporary times. Residents will learn to examine and critically analyze major forms of artistic expression from diverse cultures and understand their contributions to the arts. A variety of art media and styles will be studied as the students look at architecture, manuscripts, painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture, as a reflection of a given civilization and time period. This class will give residents the opportunity to use their prior knowledge of history, geography, politics, religion, languages, literature, and the visual arts.

Please join us for our upcoming classes every other monday!

Monday, September 5th: Postmodernism and Deconstructivism (Anselm Kiefer and Zaha Hadid)

Monday, September 19th: Impressionism (Claude Monet and Paul Cezanne)

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