What an Amazing Haunted Halloween!

The Watermark doubled down on decadence at our Haunted Mansion Tour and Costume Ball this Halloween. Those who dared, ventured into Jill’s Gypsy Wagon, where fortune tellers read futures using tarot cards and their crystal ball! They then visited Annie and Denise in the apothecary and potions lab! Everyone admired the potions and elixirs, and were fearsomely diagnosed by the nurse! They hurried out to avoid “treatment”… Next up was Sal and Jessica’s domain – a haunted dining room where wands were borrowed from a wizard to learn spells from the witchy headmistress as they kept the skeletons and ghosts from attacking! After escaping those haunts, their images were forevermore captured by a caricaturist! Finally, the groups came together in the living room to attempt the frighteningly delicious hors d’ourves at the Broomstick Bistro, followed by poisonous punch cocktails in the front patio graveyard. After the haunted tour of The Watermark Mansion, the music increased in volume until everyone was boogying on the dance floor to Halloween hits from the past. The costume contest was a hit with our final winners of Madame Butterfly, Miss Froggy, and the Queen of Hearts! We all had a bewitching good time.

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