2016 Expressions Art Show Sneak Peek

Thank you to all of our residents who submitted artwork!

Dana Gannaway, “The Lighthouse” (2006) oils, color, canvas
Words of Wisdom: “Live life with a smile, because tears will always be there.”

Gladys Preuss, “Flowers” (1990’s) watercolor
Words of Wisdom: “Paint what you like and how you like it.”

Norma Satzman, “Untitled” (2006) yarn, beads
Words of Wisdom: “One smile begins a friendship.”

Pearl Loeterman, “inVESTed” (2016) yarn
Words of Wisdom: “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

Betty Denitz, “Pugnacious” (2016) needlepoint
Words of Wisdom: “We are a sports family, playing and as fans”

Charlotte Smuckler, “Animal Menagerie” (1996) needle and thread
Words of Wisdom: “Knitting is my day-long obsession and joy.”

Alan Hoisman, “Untitled Photo” (2016) camera, paper, ink
Words of Wisdom: “Constantly look for beauty around you.”

Diane Manning, “Heartthrob” (2012) oil, paint
Words of Wisdom: “Art can serve an individual as a way to develop both knowledge & technical skills.”

Hilda Altman, “Flowers on a Branch” (1980’s) needlepoint
Words of Wisdom: “Art is freedom.”

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